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What do you do when you know its not gonna happen
As most goes, boy loves girl, girl sees no interest in boy. Though boy haven't told her his feelings he is pretty sure she has no interest.

The question is, do you give up and forget about it or express your feelings (even though it may affect stuff, I mean, I meet her on a daily basis, we're students of a school)

Don't wanna do poll cause I want your lovely comments more than just votes! Big Grin

When I was about 13, there was this girl I really liked. We sat together in class, we walked home together (she lives a block down from me), hung out a few times at her house and talked EVERY day on MSN. All that time I never knew how she felt about me and I never told her how much I liked her. I thought maybe she just thought we were good friends.

One day we finally got back on the subject and I told her how I felt. She told me she liked me also. Smile

I can't remember the exact details but soon after that something happened and our friendship took a nosedive.

Moral of the story: Tell her how you feel. Best chance she'll feel the same, and worst chance she'll just not be interested.
Take the chance!
I agree with Sean. But I'd recommend approaching it in a low-key way. Tell her you really, "like" her, without jumping, too quickly, to the romance part. A good many relationships come out of good friendships. Sometimes people need to know each other really well before those warm, fuzzy romantic feelings emerge. If you see and speak with each other daily, it could turn into something deeper. I hope it works for you. Smile You never know until you try!

Waitaminute. What happened to girl loves boy, boy doesn't know girl exists?

Anyway... I say something. If nothing happens, I move on.

ZOMG!! This is my 1337 post! I meant to do something neatoriffic with it, and I used it on boy doesn't know girl exists? Oh, despair, despair...
Nerdygirl, Nina and Sean are on the nose, I think. No risk, no reward is my input. As my buddy Garth once said, you can miss the pain, but you'd have to miss the dance.
I made some muffins this morning that were so fresh I had to slap them.
The truth is out there. Bring your mittens.
That's an awesome quote you have there Mr. Blue Smile

I agree with everyone else here. GO FOR IT!!! Big Grin
I give up, which is really depressing. I hate when that happens.
this question couldn't have come at a more opportune moment.

i just realized a few days ago that she'll never be mine. i've been bound to blind hope for over a year and a half, waiting for her to enter my life. even after i told her how i felt for her numerous times, still, she asked me to wait for her. wait? how long should i wait if i've but one life to live? i offered her my life. i had nothing to lose but my faith in her, and since that's gone now, i'll probably sink slowly back to where i was before she illusioned me.

you menioned that you're in school. you're young. do what you want. move on to the next one. you have so much to learn and experience. i wish you luck in your ventures.

The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy.

I hate that. I remember a time when I too told a girl I liked my feelings. She said...I like you too...but maybe in a little while I will be ready. Such false hope! It would be best if she would simply say "I like you too... im just not IN like with you."
Gah! I used to spend so much time being hopeful that she would eventually make time for me. When really, I should have spent it being happy and looking to catch the interests of another, wonderful person.

Keep your chin up, that's my motto. If you show others around you how positive you are, they will naturally be attracted to you. Smile I wish there was an emoticon showcasing a chin being lifted. hmmm >:>.....Nope that looks creepy.
I made some muffins this morning that were so fresh I had to slap them.
The truth is out there. Bring your mittens.
you sulk for awhile, and then you get up and move on.
bye forever

AIM: shawnonalawn

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