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Im so lonely and down on myself all the time!
Sadface isn't a troll, dear. He was just stating an opinion, and Im sure he didn't mean it in a malicious way.
I don't think so, it didn't sound malicious to me. Just an opinion as is most stuff here.
no one hates sadface
No one was hating on anyone, futurecatlady. Toungue

If it were hate, you would've known it because Eve would still be here cleaning up the mess. lol
"Before you judge someone, try walking in their shoes for a mile. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

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Okay no problem, just trying to protect the reputation of an innocent Toungue Carry on.

(P.S. The innocent I am referring to is sadface. In case I garbled my previous post...)
i re-read what I wrote and I sounded harsh. I didnt mean what is says. I only meant that not everyone needs professional help. Im sorry Sad
Im sorry to anyone who took what I said the wrong way - I did not mean it maliciously, but I apologize if it came off that way. I tend to speak really emphatically when it's something i feel strongly about.

I think I will just stay out of this thread for the remainder of it. OP, I genuinely wish you good luck with whatever it is you're going through.
bye forever

AIM: shawnonalawn
sadface, don't go away! I think there are people who would value your opinion, and most people would not see any maliciousness in it.

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