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Song of torture
Hi guys, Im new here & i havent contributed to the conversations that go on cause im usually at work. When im able to post you guys are offline.

Anyway, while working today a song came on my radio that made me feel so bad that ive been crying all day. Its by this guy named Kem called Share My Life. My only wish in life has always been (was) to have someone love me the way that song says but I will never have that. Ive spent so many years alone that i dont really care about much anymore. Im so tired of feeling like this & wishing for love that i cant do it anymore. I know theres no hope for me so im done, I give up, I quit!!! I wont be on here again since I cant contribute to the conversations or at least find a friend to email.

I hope God blesses each one of you to have whatever you need to fill those voids & that you can be happy!!! Thanks for you kind words..........MY OWN BEST FRIEND
Hi myownbf!!! Um... don't leave yet. Relationships need time to nurture. Well I wish the best for you if you choose to leave anyways but I'd prefer if you come join us and wait and see Smile
Everyone her goes through the same feelings you have now. I think you should give the site a chance for Your Own Self. You could send me an email anytime. I'm usually bored and looking for things to do anyway. Smile
The reason that I don't fit in is because I was made to stand out. ~ Pair-O-Dox

[Image: omnislash-o.gif]

If you decide to stick around for awhile longer I'd be more than happy to swap e-mails with you. I talk to quite a few folks in here and no matter their age or point in life, they're wise, witty and make great friends. A lot of comfort and fun can come through in words. Give it a try! We all have so much we can learn about humanity through each other. The funny thing is that through others we can also learn so much about ourselves.

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