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just another lonely post..
too lonely not to be miserable.. it's about that damn hell emptiness inside me and I don't know how to deal with it! it's maybe about I haven't got a person beside me to feel secure with.. to be happy.. that's being a situation for a veeery long time.. I feel out of any sense..
Endless Nameless
That's happened tome before. I've gone insane with loneliness. Sad
I know that feeling well, Sad it's lot like drowning without an end in sight Sad
*big hugs*

[Image: teddy-bear-hug.gif]

So what I would do is drown myself in something else something positive I would drown myself in music and play living shit out of my guitar nightly. Drown myself in the internet, anything to distract from the nothingness,

exercise helps a lot. During the summer I'd bike 20-20 miles in 90 freaking degrees heat, and I always felt better afterwards, too tired to care with an incredible sense of achievement and well being, and of course I had total justification in getting a double cheeseburger and enjoying the shit out of it,

Point being this too shall pass and you'll make it through *hugs*

Have you tried it's pretty cool

just finding things to get outside is great take a walk with some music volunteer to pet the kitties at an animal shelter
and hey if it's just you it's your time do what with it as you want,

such as naked guitar, videogames, reading, and sandwhich eating, are a few of my favorite house to myself activities
naked bacon making however is a bad idea

Thank you guys! It's always a good feeling to hear sympathetic words from friends.. yeah, although we never met live I regard you as my friends and THANK YOU! big hug from me!

The idea about the bike is pretty good, I'm going to get one, I think this will help me.. Playng guitar is also a wonderful think to do, though it sometimes gives me sad feelings.. Anyway I'll try to do some positive activities as you adviced me Smile I'm gonna eat my vegan stuff now, see ya!

Endless Nameless

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