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Nobody replies to my posts
Oh, I haven't actually read any of his threads. Sorry.
Cas, I just read a post in networking where you were being very pleasant with folks. Then I hop over here and your saying ALL the folks who have posted on your threads must be "no-one." I have posted on some of your threads and I took that as an insult. Then I move down to another post where you say in a "blanket post" that intelligent folks are in some way maladjusted in life.....Another insult. Then you complain about all of us, "no-ones" NOT posting on your threads and I see one thread from you with 32 posts and another with 18, that was only with a fast glance.
I've made threads that died a quick death and some that did well. I don't feel at all entitled to "special" attention from other posters so it's fine and I always enjoy and comments I do get. Most folks have work, school and lives.... I come in for a few free moments during my day while I work. I miss many posts. It can't be helped I don't have all day to read and post. If someone has something specific to say they pm me.
Maybe, trying yo NOT offend the folks that do reply would be a dandy step to take if you want ANYONE to reply. I've been here for months and have never seen a hierarchy, just folks talking to others in their own time.... It's a forum and NO one person's private podium for back and forth behavior....
When someone shows you the kind of person they are, it's wise to believe them the first time. Especially if they do it another two or three more times after that.

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