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Back from my ''holidays''. Just so who want's to know (no one) knows.

To the new members that joined while I was away, welcome...
Welcome back Eyael! How have you been?
Hi keeper
I'm ok, I was a little sad when I wrote the thread... Sorry
Hi Eyael! I don't know you, but I'm glad you came back so I could read your cool poem.

You liked my poem? Thank you, but I took a really long time to write it, so I don't know if i can keep up to other great poets here. Nice to meet you RogueTomato Big Grin

P.s: Your sig... ^^
Eyael Wrote:Hi keeper
I'm ok, I was a little sad when I wrote the thread... Sorry

No problem, Eyael!
There's nothing to be sorry about, everyone of us is sad at times. Keep writing!! I've read your poem and I've loved it despite the fact I don't like poetryBig Grin

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