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Vegan for about 6 years. Some people showed me a few videos, explained the connections between the dairy and veal industries etc, after that there was no way I could continue to eat the way I was, it was a pretty easy decision for me. I'm in no way straight edge though, still like my drink and drugs too much. I still get asked by people at lunch if they think I'm healthy now, while they're eating mcdonalds, drinking coke and charging through ciggies. I also cop a lot of shit from tradies and the like wherever I work, hippy, fag, pussy, the whole lot. It can be funny though, watching hung over people trek to the grease shop, stuff their faces, think it's all good, then 20 minutes later "oh man, I shouldn't have eaten that, I feel awful", always give me a laugh while I'm on the fresh fruit and vegies. I think if more people knew and actually saw where what they eat came from, it might change a few more minds, but like with a lot of things, people just don't care.

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