SATAN is female, LUCIFER was framed.
When I discovered the true meaning of infinity and the cross I had a powerful vision of a black goddess who had usurped power. Astraea goes to war with Athena and defeats her so that she is now Goddess of justice and wisdom, really she is goddess of injustice and deceit.

Upon dying Athena transformed herself into a sword, so that when the meaning of the cross was discovered divine wisdom would also produce divine power and the battle would be able to continue.

Xena: Warrior Princess is based on this truth. First, know that I really like this show, and I'm not trying to bash it in any way. Here we take the evil and wicked representation of Astraea and cause her to become holy, and we portray Athena in a negative light. Athena is portrayed as fighting against the coming child at all costs, when really her spirit or archetype has become Christs humble servant. At the end of the show XENA must die to restore her Karma. Yes Astraea must die too, and then even her eternal soul may find some rest. Also note how the show takes a woman who tries to follow the path of love and actually makes her into the new Astraea, IE the housewife becoming the lesbian, the male, etc, but knowing Gabrielle's character she will one day become the new ATHENA, and that time is at hand.

Somewhere deep in our subconscious minds our belief that the devil is man and that God is also male has actually caused us to be controlled by this devil, this beast. All of mankinds psychological problems stem out of this. It the show EVE is portrayed as the new Christian, reborn out of Astraea. This is actually a good omen as well. EVE is where the final conclusion will be found. Moreover, Satan CANNOT be male. The Creator is man, and his creation is in essence female compared to him. Just as our idols, our inventions, are female compared to us. Also notice how in Magick, Wicca, and Paganism it is the GODDESS who is actually worshipped, the true form. PAN is a bumbling bafoon, a clown, a puppet. Notice that in the show, XENA causes Lucifer to BECOME the new Devil, when it is HER rightful PLACE to become the new devil.

In Star Trek: The next Generation, we uncover the reality that Satan is indeed female and her name is indeed Astraea, but Captain Jon Luc Picard exposes her for what she is and defeats her to save the planet below. This is what we must do is we want the future of the human race to be STAR TREK.

Notice that her name has become an organization dedicated to Lesbianism

And then among newagers she is associated with the white ray of perfection, wielding the sword of the blue flame in the cosmic circle.


Athena is the sword, and it is Christ who will wield it.

Satan is a woman, every one of her other names is a lie. She appears as a man because it is conducive to POWER. I explain this in much more detail in my book, but I have been under strain since discovering it. Also, while I was discovering this I saw a strange alien like face come out of my computer screen very briefly. I wasn't afraid, my impression was that of an alien visiting us, not something harmful. I take this as an omen of hope. Aliens have been watching us, and waiting, and through I have made a lot of enemies in the spiritual world today, I have also gained some powerful allies.

Astraea laughed at me at first and tried to incarnate into me, which is when Athena took over making me feel like her. Now Astraea is PISSED, and IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. If you don't hear from me again within 10 days, please forward this email to Henry Makow in the event of my death. Just type his name in your search window.
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