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I hate what i see in the mirror
Everything that we are is inside, invisible in our brain, but when someone like me has nothing inside, you hate what you see, when i look in the mirror i hate what i see, i want to change it on the outside and i hate how i look on the outside because that is all i can touch and see, but on the inside is invisible, so i will never know what it looks like, i wont be able to touch it or know it becasue i have to create it, but i cant because im retarded. So i hate what i see inthe mirror.
you know... you can change it without seeing it. you kinda make it up yourself as you go along.
Sometimes I look into the mirror and wish I could disappear ... It's like I'm looking at myself through the eyes of another person ...
My Past: Have you ever felt alone in a room full of people? Because I have ...
Present: Time to quit drowning myself in thought and start swimming...

"I cannot tell you, you're falling apart.
Open your eyes if you wanna survive.
I want to tell you, your love is a lie.
But I wont tell you, I wont tell you."
You're not retarded. You're human.
I agree you are human.

I have always not liked what I see in the mirror cos I have a body that's twisted up real bad.
It did used to stop me from doing things like swimming.
And I still am not to good with the hole taking my top off with ppl I don't know and I would say I am the sort of person that would not realy be bothered about what ppl say.
It is that am moor bothered about what I think.
I would give anything for my deformity not to be there so I can where tight tops not baggy all of the time to hide my twisted body.

But I am learning that if ppl don't like what they see and decide they do not wont to know you or have a relationship with you cos of the way your body is then your body being like that did you a faver cos ppl like that would not be worth knowing anyway.

Still it hurts to see myself naked. Knowing that there is nothing I can do to be normal. I would give a lot to be able to walk down the street on a hot summers day with no top on like most guys would.

I guss I like you have just got to love who we are no matter what problems we have.

Ask your self are you a nice and true person? If so then you have no reason not to love yourself.

I started to change the way I think about my body when I was swimming one day and sew this really fat women. Not just a little chubby but she was fat.
She did not care that ppl was around her. She was playing with her kids and husband very happily having a good time.
I so admired her. After that I became less bothered about the way my body was. I am still conchies of it but now it most of the time would not stop me from doing something like swimming.

If you can not change it then you have to find away of accepting it.
If you can change it then do something about it.

I guss to not like your self cos how your body is makes you has shallow has other ppl that would take the mick.

That is if you did mean about your body and not yourself. Ether way you gotta love yourself be for someone else well.

I think I kind of understand when you say "when someone like me has nothing inside, you hate what you see" ...
"There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how..."

I am wearing a coat of knives.
Just try to hold me.
Just try to hold me.

Just try and hold me." -Anis Mojgani-The bedroom is a morgue
Hating what you see in the mirror isn't retarded. It means you see only the flaws in yourself, rather than what's good about you. I'm willing to guess that because you only see flaws in yourself, you see the good in almost everyone you meet. That can be a good thing...I think: You hate yourself, so there's none left for the rest of the world. I always liked to think that people like that would gravitate towards each other. We'll see the good in each other, and remind each other how great we ALL are...get it? ALL...that was a joke Club

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