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Im new here and this is why!
Alrighty, Im new to this forum so hi everybody!

I guess I choose to be part of this site for a number of reasons. I moved to a new university (first time away from home) and I have 0 friends here. At home I have never been socially awkward but here I am so painfully a loner its not funny.

the only people I talk to are my boyfriend from back home and my best friend also from back home.

Did you just recently move to this university? perhaps give it a while and you may meet new people.
If you ever want to talk about anything you're free to message me, and welcome to the forum. Smile
Welcome to the site.

As Mr Jack said, if you are fairly new to the school it may just take some time since being a loner doesn't seem to be your typical pattern.

hey byebyebeautiful welcome to the forum

btw I'm sensing a nightwish refernce in your username very cool Smile

adjusting to uni can be difficult, I was really pretty lonely during the first couple of months of uni,
everyone on my floor was the loud go out and look for alcohol kind of people that weren't a whole lot of fun to hangout with,

but there are a lot of people at uni, and it ussually isn't quick as cliquy as high school, so I'm sure you can find some nice people that would want to hang out with you

unfortunatly that means you might have to go out and look for them, try meeting new people at the caffiteria, cluns or other places

good luck


btw do you know what you're majoring in?

I was an open major all of my first year
Welcome. I am fairly new too. Met someone here who I am enjoying a grand old chat with. Essentially my sounding board for all my thoughts. As you remain anony-mouse, you can get it all out..... Enjoy. And if you wish to drop a line or send a personal message (PM) feel free to do so. Big Grin
Hi. As has been said previously it can take time to find people to mix with when you move. If you're normally good at making friends it shouldn't be a problem. Either way, welcome to the site and I hope you have fun here.

Good luck.
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G'day Big Grin
DON"T BOTHER TO WRITE. I love that song. Also, welcome.
good day
Welcome! Smile I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
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