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Does anybody get angry when they see someone else abusing someone who you would perceive to be weaker than them physically?

There was an issue with parking outside of my place and this tall young bloke just started shouting abuse at this middle aged woman whilst his girlfriend just watched. They drove off and stopped a little further up the road when he got out and just walked to an apartment where he was going.

The woman just sat in her car until he had gone then got out looking quite shaken before entering her home opposite me.

She's 40+ with kids, he was a tall young 20 something. She has a permit to park here, he doesn't.

Things like that just rile me to the point that it takes me hours to stop wanting to go and have words with him, only he's bigger than me and he was very aggressive with a middle aged woman, so I can only imagine what he'll be like with me.

I bet he wouldn't do that to someone bigger than him. Can't stand some people.

And breathe...
This angers me to no extent. It's bullying. I don't know what the hell is wrong with people who do things like what you witnessed. It's hard to go and do something when the person is bigger than you, not like you want to get the crap beat out of you. If you see that again call the cops, especially if you've seen where he went. No one should be allowed to get away with that.

Or, if you have a baseball bat or some kind of weapon... Don't matter how small you are if you go at someone with a weapon they are going to back off, most of the time.

Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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Well, the car was just back and I ran out in the rain to get the number plate but was too late as they'd driven off before I got there.

My front door is the opposite side to the incident and i'm on 2nd floor, so I have to run down the stairs and around the front to get to the car, which I could see out of my back window, but too far away for me to read the number plate through the trees, so i'll have to wait until they return again, and they will.

It angers me greatly that it puts me off everything I need to do. I hate people who think they can tell you what to do and are aggressive because it's the only way they know how.

Bullying is the right word.


They were back quicker than expected. I have their number plate now and will contact landlord.

I don't like reporting people, but that was unacceptable today. Next time he might not just shout abuse, he may go further.

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