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Thread for Metal Heads. What are you listening to?
(07-21-2011, 05:09 AM)Stride Wrote: Pretty sure anyone into folk metal likes Eluveitie Toungue

Made my whole day Big Grin.. Reminds me of this ones, even though their production values are way lower

Other things I can think of right now

Now I have to go hide, theres an spider on the wall :o

Volcanic Slut. Nice.
where has this thread been my whole life?
ha, whoever put in Eluveitie - yeah, that's one cool band.

i'm listening to a band called Ghost right now.
Parkway drive (Every single song they made)

Bring me the horizon (many songs)

Vegas in ruins (many songs)

Emure (many songs)

blinded colony..
of mice & men
thy devourer

and many more..
Damn! Leave for a while and come back to this? Hell yeah! \m/

Arch Enemy


How about some folk black metal from Isreal?

a dedication to all of the cowardly serial killers everywhere masquerading as peace-loving people of faith.

fuck you.

Metallica used to be so good. what happened? (no)

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