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Suggest one thing that can help reduce loneliness
I thought it might be interesting to hear people's suggestions on reducing loneliness. How about you have only one suggestion. I'll go first.

Own a car. I know the majority of people here probably already have a car, and maybe one or two can't drive because of a physical inability to do so. But I'm certain there are a few here who haven't got their license (they probably never got around to get one). Owning a car changes your life. You can go places. Places where people are. I know public transport exists, but often in social situations, people make spirit of the moment decisions to go places, and invite other people (ie yourself) to come along. Owning a car helps immensely.

Any other suggestions?

I'm going to make the best of a feeling of less desolation and answer this one. This one, I've tried many times, and it works pretty well.

It pays to get clever with loneliness and the cleverest things to try are often right under our noses.

I watch a TV show that I can bear to watch, when I am sure that THOUSANDS (often, tens of thousands) of people are going to be watching the same picture, listening to the same sounds and will, later that evening, on a site full of supporters of that programme, be talking all about it.

Sometimes, in order to make this work, you have to FORCE YOURSELF TO JUST GET ON, AND DO IT! You can start with the Soaps and work your way through all the rubbish and end up with the talent shows or reality TV. Either way, you'll be drip feeding yourself with enough knowledge to realise that you've just started posting on a site full of those talking the same subjects. Those programmes are a good way of finding commonality of purpose among total strangers destined to not remain strangers, at all.

But, further than that...when you're established in the watching of the programme, and the following of it, day by day, week by week, and you're settling down to watch another - you'll almost "feel" a common-interest type of glow related to all those others, from the site, that are also settling down to watch it, around the same time as you. The TV watching gets you more in tune with more people on the fan site and the fan site people becoming friends with you makes the enjoyment of the TV show greater, episode by episode.

That has often cut a large hole in my feelings of loneliness.

For me, its make friends. All my focus is on that right now.
"The hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest..."
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Like a pundit, I offer my advice uncensored and completely from gut feeling.

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My most powerful weapon in my arsenal to combat loneliness would have to be my wide interest in music or my ability to feign interet on others topics until we reach something i'm interested in.

And my anti-socialness that makes some people force me to hang out (?) seriously don't know how it works but a lot of the time it does.

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My Wena?

I love that little furry baby! Just, look at those big eyes! Smile

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