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Loser - 3 Doors Down

Cause I’m a loser
And sooner or later
You know I’ll be dead
You’re getting closer,
You’re holding the rope,
I'm taking the fall
Cause I’m a loser, I’m a loser, yeah
This is getting old,
I can’t break these chains that I hold
My body’s growing cold,
There’s nothin left of this mind
Or my soul

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
There's this whispering of jokers doing "Flesh by the Pound"
To a chorus of supposes from the little town whores
There'll be twisted karaoke at the Aniseed Lounge
And I'd bring you further roses but it does you no good
And it does me no good
And it does you no good

Grounds For Divorce - Elbow
Aerosmith--I Don't Want to Miss A Thing

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes
And thank God we're together
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever
Forever and ever
[Image: Life%20is%20not%20a%20DH%20Pink_zps4gdabj4h.png]

Time passes softly and I'm a day older
But still I'm living days gone by
Ashes to ashes, the rain's turning colder
Finding tomorrow, the ashes, the rain and I

Early in the morning
Open my eyes
Think of a glass of milk

Bound together
The darkest embrace
Bound forever
We will be chaste

I paw at you golden flesh
Golden breast
I sail on your, on your sea
Of ecstasy.

God, I want you. Just be mine
Because you haunt me all the

Your pain, it talks to me
Your pain, it talks to me.

My dying bride - I cannot be loved.

[Image: tumblr_lp0zviZhHH1qll3u3o1_500.gif]

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." -Edgar Allen Poe
"...feels so cold, very cold, no one cares for me...."
Donna toki mo te wo nigitte
Soba ni ite kureta ne
Kokoro no naka naiteru hi mo
Yasashii egao kureta no

...Yeah I don't understand it either. Toungue I'll post again when I listen to something in English. Haha.
So darlin', I just wanna say
Just in case I don't come through
I was on to every play
I just wanted you

But oh, it's so evil, my love
The way you've no reverence to my concern
So I'll be sure to stay wary of you, love
To save the pain of
Once my flame and twice my burn

You made me a shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready for what you do
I been swinging around at nothing
And I don't know when you're gonna make your move

Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple

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