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Where to meet people when you have all the time in the world
A generic "where should you meet people?" thread, but here are the circumstances: I might be going without school for some 3 months in order to sync up with the educational instance I want to transfer to. Long story. So, I'd like to be as social as possible until then, especially since I now have many hours a day to do it. Note that I turn 18 in September.

Here is what I have written down so far:

- There are at least 3 organizations for which I can volunteer on perhaps several of their teams. I don't know how often these meet, and what the rules are, but if I could get in on some 3x5 teams and they meet up say 2 hrs a week, that's quite a good start
- A job, either part or full time, or both, or two part time, or working for free, if that is legal
- Possibly some sort of fitness team? I am not sure if there are any for my age class, and that they have much of a social dimension to them
- A couple of hobby-teams, such as yoga or writing.
- Obviously I can go to events and concerts and crap, but I'd rather something where I regularly see the same people

Any more ideas?
If you are in need of someone to speak to, feel free to PM me. If I haven't scared you off; I might appear mean here, because I strive for effective and direct presentation of information. Oh, and I'm from Denmark, and don't write very well.

If you have any problems with my behavior, feel free to confront me with it. I love improving myself and fixing my mistakes.

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