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What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?
"I miss you."
“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
Outside of my family. nobody.
"The hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest..."
- Henry David Thoreau

Like a pundit, I offer my advice uncensored and completely from gut feeling.

[Image: Popcorn_02_Stephen_Colbert.gif]
I used to work as a cashier, and customers vary from being extremely kind and disturbingly rude. My favourite was an older lady that I saw quite frequently and one day she told me, "Every time I'm ready to pay for my stuff, I always look for you." Another person said something along the lines of "You're about the only cashier I've seen here who seems to give a rat's ass about customers." The latter I'm sure is not true, but it still made me very happy. Smile Looking back, I think it was because of these people that I was able to become a lot less shy than I used to be.

Another fond but embarrassing memory is when I was feeling down about myself and one day absentmindedly asked my older brother if I was a catch. He seemed to ignore me, but a day later I got an email (which I still keep) from him saying this exactly:

"Of course you are a catch. Who do you think raised you? Why do you think I'd have to protect you if you weren't. You can't just go to any guy you know."

We never talked about it again, but I'll always remember it.
In real life: "You look nice in that shirt" from a random lady.
On the internet: I was part of a christian online community years ago. I left abruptly. Upon doing a random google search of my username, I found a thread where people were actually saddened by my absence. It feels nice to be missed.
The nicest thing anyone ever said to me was "I love you". Those three words carry so much weight, especially if you love that person. I miss hearing those words. Sorry to be a downer
Get busy living or get busy dying, that is godd*** right

"You're smart!" "You're really talented!"

Just the same stuff I tell other people.

Oh I chatted with a lady at the air port once, she was complimenting me on how young I looked and other things (this was around 4-5 years ago), and we kind of chitchatted for a bit, probably one of the times some random strangers says nice things to me.
Today a shy/quiet coworker from another department walked over to me while I was doing something and put a note next to what I was working on. It says "you are a good person with a good heart. Stay that way. I like you the way you are. =)".

All I could do was smile at her. Later in the day I saw her again and I said thank you.
I've had a co-worker tell me that I was a good person and that he felt privileged to be able to work with me. That me smile extra big.
"Rejection kills; disappointment only maims."
If a non-verbal gesture counts; and if I wanted to included something positive that has stuck for a long time, my boss gave me a coffee mug and it said "rocket scientist" on it in 2004 during our staff meeting.

Therefore, at work, if someone has a problem or needs help with their computer, M$ Office Application, writing a VBA, and ect, they will say "you might want to ask the rocket scientist."
"Its about time everyone knew how beautiful you are"...its hard to know if he meant it now though.

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