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Hope this won't bore you all.
Hi there Smile
(09-18-2011, 11:20 PM)mrsme Wrote: Thanks Smile and i know thinking constantly about death and suicide is pretty bad but i don't know what to do. I mean i have quite a supporting family but i don't want to worry them.. Idk. This forum just seems like a great place to vent your feelings about everything . Smile

Thinking about death is a natural and healthy thing to do. It helps us plan our lives so that when we are 80 on our death bed and looking back we don't feel so regretful. Sure its a way out but only if you think out is something you get to experience. A living brain can understand what it feels like to be dead, its really quite romantic in a way if you fall into it. But the reality of your rotting corpse hanging in your apartment for two months till your landlord come to get the rent is not so glamorous.

The problem is when we look at death like a solution. It like seeing losing as winning. What do you get out of death? At least we can learn from pain and experiment with new ways to deal with situations. Pain and suffering exist for some reason. They must have some usefulness to us or they wouldn't exist at all. I don't really have advice except learn to use your perspective to your advantage.

What advantage is depression? Well when you get to laugh you don't take it for granted. You learn to appreciate the people that appreciate you even if they are only around for a little while. Its not like there isn't another person around the corner you could flirt with, badger, or harass to entertain yourself. Store clerks are fun because they cnt run:-)
First of all, Im twice your age, and what you are writing now, is what I would have wrote had this forum existed when I was your age.

Now Im 35, I havent commited suicide, so you can make it through the troubles.

But you have to want to do that.

Theres always a solution to your problems, you just need to hear alternative ideas, perhaps from people who have had similar thoughts, feelings, and managed to come through it all.

Sorry, Im sounding like a school teacher here right?

Hopefully not, because when I read your post, I knew exactly where you were coming from.

You are not alone, this forum is full of people, we can all support eachother.

When you feel weak, Ill be here to listen and help. Come on, youre just seventeen, you have the world and so many interesting life experiences ahead of you.

If I told you what had happened in my childhood to where I am now, you might see some light at the end of the tunnel.


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