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when i was 18 i had sex with a 42 year old woman. i haven't been myself since
i don't know if it was that specific event or not but ever since that experience i've just been depressed and lonely. it was 5 years ago and she was disgusting. she squirted all over me and i was like wtf wtf. i've had sex with other girls since and they all seem disgusting to me. it's like sex and life in general has lost its luster. i feel nothing inside me. i'm totally empty. everyone i meet likes me but i feel no emotion other than sadness
wow, just wow.

but i've gotta admit, i thought the thread title was full of win!

what's wrong with cougars anyway?

and cougars that squirt! that's like jackpot!
Maybe you're asexual? Or just depressed...
Maybe when she squirted all over you it kind of turmatized you becuase
it wasnt what you expected so it shocked you.
Becuase you thought she pissed all over you and it was totally gross.

So your emotionally shut down or numb out as a defence mechaism around other women.

People mentally and emotionally shut down all the time in turamatic events.
Its a built in defencsive mechanism so our mind wont go into shock...

Maybe that even turamatized you and youre kind of re living it with other women.

Maybe it might help you to reserch more into women's sexuality
or understand it better.

Some woemn squirt more than others.
It's not's not even pee.
It's just clear liquid, oderless, smelless..kind da like water.
I make my women squirt all the time. Sometimes our bed
would get all wet as if someone pee over it after we have sex.
It's actaully a good thing for her to have these orgaism
As you feel relieve after having an orgasim after getting sexually releave.

You know...some women have a hard time having orgaism
becuase guys dont take the time to wanna please women
or education themselve about sex...
It's not whamm bammm thank you mammm.

Heck, a lot of women wish a guy can
get her to cream that hard...

You actaully got her off...its a good thing.

Did she go into uncontrollable shaking after?
Did she started giggling after?

Maybe you just took it or processed it the wrong way and thought she was lughing at you.

Thats what happens to my woman after I get her to cream super
hard like that....she'll go into uncontrollable shaking then she'll
Giggle like a little girl after.

Maybe if you see it in a different light. iT might help you
There are sex related therapists that have probably dealt with similar incidents, or maybe even a more specific source of information online.

If you feel like that event was traumatic then it probably was.

Best of luck, Bokbok.

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OP is totally a troll. (hehe)
"Before you judge someone, try walking in their shoes for a mile. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

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.... some people think the squirting is hot >.>
[Image: norm_2i067bm.jpg]
Lots of men prefer mature women. She had a "G-spot" orgasm. That's not easy to do. Most men only care about getting their rocks off than satisfying a woman's desires in bed. Some men climax in minutes leaving the woman lying there unsatisfied and thinking what a waste of time it all was for her.

Whatever you were doing, you did it right! Be grateful.

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