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What's the saddest film you've ever seen?
(10-28-2011, 09:26 PM)Lawrens Wrote:
(10-28-2011, 07:51 AM)Felix Wrote: By far, "Hachiko".

So incredibly sad. The stupid dog dies at the half of the movie and ever since that happened I couldn't stop crying like a freaking baby. It traumatized me, not even when my grandma died I cried so much...

I've only seen the america version, was the japanese version different? Hachi didn't didn't die in the middle of the eng version but you kind of just watch him wait for the stupid professor the rest of the film to no avail, and you watch him gets older and older and dirtier and he keeps waiting... =/

and yea Hachi: A Dog's Tale was the saddest shit I've seen.

My mistake, the dude dies not the dog, and then he keeps coming back...

It must be my mind blocking the trauma of that movie... tears are coming to my eyes now... that poor dog...
'Lilya 4-ever', hands down. Very raw and violent, to me at least..
House of D


With Robin Williams.
Sadly even moreso based loosely on a true story.

Grave Of The Fireflies (1988)
[Image: determination.jpg]
I'd say The Fault in Our Stars and A Walk to Remember for now.
The Elephant Man
[Image: oHGXzpy.gif]
The saddest film i have seen was ... if Only ...

When someone breaks your Heart and it's shattered
into a Million Pieces ...
Raise your Eyebrow , Tongue in Cheek ...
Then Pick up the Pieces and make Bullets

sleeping beauty (2011)... it was just too relatable, very scarred from that movie, I was a bit of a wreck after watching it. I recently saw 'Boyz in the Hood' (1991). I definitely cried at some scenes towards the end of the film. Its easy to judge than understand what its like actually growing up in some cultures. They're not typically sad movies I guess but they struck a chord with me, its what first comes to mind.
A boy in striped pajamas.
I cried a lot in end of this movie.
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