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Scams That Prey On the Lonely
I hate scammers got scammed once 600bucks.

Edit:Remainder moved here ~Minus

I believe it is Nigeria that the last few years scams, scams, and more scame have been coming from. All sorts of scams. Anyone that admits to be from Nigeria. RUN.
It's not just romance scams to worry about. Financial scams of all kinds target the lonely and/or insecure. Why? Because if you are alone, or lonely, you are more vulnerable and have less people watching over you and your affairs. Also, if you are insecure or needy, the "seller" preys upon this to gain your favor.

Con men definitely go after the solo or alone person before anyone else.
I dunno what your talking about. Perhaps its because I am new here, but I have never been targeted for a scam. Guess I don't come off sexy enough....Sad **sniff sniff**
How about those dating sites with their 'premium accounts' costing only fifty euros a month so you can send messages to other folks above an arbitary low limit, having your face displayed at the front page or whatnot. Ugh.
" Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and yet all the honesty in the world ain't lawful tender for a loaf of bread."
Josh Billings

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O.o Really a thread like this is necessary? Have people not been using email or the internet their entire lives.
If suicide were not the answer. I would not constantly be thinking about it.
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Inspiration To Get In Shape... Applies to Everyone
A Huge Picture And a Smaller One. Also I call BS on your excuses
You must feel that there are so many scammers out there for the fun of it. Of course no one would ever fall victim to them.

Are you trying to make out that nobody has ever fallen for precisely the types of scam described at the top of this thread? How would the users of the Internet become so wise? What experiences (or accounts of the experiences of others) could there be for them to have become so con-wise that they need no reminders, such as those presented in this thread

Yes...a thread like this is necessary!

Oh, and...I'm 54. I got to the Internet around 12 years ago. If you think that folk have been on the Internet and using E Mail for their entire lives, does that then mean that you think that only the young are ever targets for con-artists? or that only the young should be warned about such people? or that young computer/Internet/E Mail users are all so smart that they'd never fall for such tricks?


(11-04-2011, 02:38 AM)AFrozenSoul Wrote: O.o Really a thread like this is necessary? Have people not been using email or the internet their entire lives.

well as a new member, how in the world will I know who is genuine or just a joker?

golly I am such a spazz.
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I once got a scamy letter from Africa asking for money donations.

The return address was something something the bus stop. Yeah. Sad

Do not want.

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