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Scams That Prey On the Lonely
Lol. Funny. I get about four of these a month on my personnal email. To the more elaborate ones I actually reply, sending a revised version of their text and suggesting the FBI/CIA/UN/whatever organisation they claim to be would send mistake free letters. Also not from a hotmail, or gmail, or any public address, but rather a .gov or .org or something else official like that. Once kept a guy mailing me back and forth for a month, until I was asking HIM to send ME money for English classes lol. That's usually when they stop writing ;-)

Needless to say, you should never EVER send money to anyone on the internet. Under ANY circumstances. Period.

Except me. Because I'm nice. ;-)
*walking like a zombie* 
Must wire money right now! 🤪
(02-01-2019, 10:09 AM)Jessicat Wrote: *walking like a zombie* 
Must wire money right now! 🤪

Especially around income tax season!
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"
I see these all the time on dating apps. They're so easy to spot with the bad grammer, and immediately wanting to move to another platform to chat or insisting on something a normal person would never do. The profiles are relatively easy to spot too. Many them are really lazy and don't make much effort in their presentation. I had one flat out say they were in Nigeria. I basically LMAO'd that one. I replied with a "ooh cool, I need $100 in iTunes gift card".
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