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Question Your Limitations/Achieve Your Goals
Did you know that if you move a goldfish from its small fishbowl in your home and took it to a lake, that he will still continue to swim in the same circles as in the fishbowl? Why is that? Because ultimately he has accepted the belief that if he swims out farther than his learned movements and conditioned state, that he is going to “bump himself into the fishbowl”. He’s always done it this way, this is all he knows, and any other way is now “impossible”!

Like the goldfish that has been freed to the lake, you still think you’re limited. Your limitation is set by your beliefs. When you challenge your beliefs, you take the first step in ending your limitations. If your beliefs do serve you and your goals- they will withstand the scrutiny. If they don’t –its time to drop them and replace them with beliefs that serve you.

When the word ‘Belief’ comes up, many people start to imagine, the type of belief someone has when they have a strong religious faith. Contrary to this, beliefs are what we deeply hold in our subconscious mind that we assume to be real about a given circumstance or area in life.

If you hold the belief that it is hard to make money, it is likely that you will be broke or wind up broke at some point. This is because a deeply held belief is a self fulfilling prophecy. Your mind will find a way to either make this belief come true, or make it seem to be true…which winds up being the same thing in terms of your experience of life.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if your beliefs are “true” or “false”. What matters, is are they moving you TOWARDS what you want or AWAY from it. If they do not serve you, now is the time to replace them with ones that will.
True I guess.
I did not know that about the gold fish. Interesting and good post by you.

Interesting concepts here. I believe this may relate in connection with breaking through the habits of operant conditioning and stereotypical molds in our minds, and generally society.
I admit trying after failing is so painful it's just about impossible for me.
Sounds interesting.
Time is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. Is it my time finally? Who knows.. Anyways, Bye!
Just one thing, As interesting as this is, I do like the way you put it..... BUT, I thought goldfish only had seven second memories? Toungue

dont believe or assume anything.
know... and find out what you dont know.
know your limits and push them, strech em as far as they wil go.
when you know what you can do, you know what you have to work with.

swimming in circles can be verry practical.
you dont have to turn around and go all the way back when your done.
you dont know the intensions and reasoning of a goldfish.

(I`m Bored..... sorry Toungue )

- anything clever i put in here will just sound stupid in the morning. -
What I know is that everyone I have ever met has hurt me.
(11-01-2011, 04:04 AM)oopsiedoop Wrote: What I know is that everyone I have ever met has hurt me.

but you dont know that everyone you will ever meet is going to hurt you.

(just being a smart ass... Toungue)
((still bored))

that might have been a little insensitive.. i didnt meen it to be, sorry.
no one deserves being hurt that much.

- anything clever i put in here will just sound stupid in the morning. -

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