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What are you listening to?
[Image: LhOTIow.png]
(06-12-2018, 09:38 AM)Azariah Wrote:

Ragian                     Azariah
[Image: giphy.webp][Image: giphy.webp]
Ragian                     Azariah
[Image: giphy.webp][Image: giphy.webp]
I was asked recently what my favourite ever song/music piece was- hmmm I trawled my onboard data base and through the murk this piece surfaced- Concierto de Aranjuaz 2nd movement, yes I know its over played and probably over familiar but I still think its magnificent Cool  There are truly awful versions out there but this one with Narcisso Yepes nails it and this to me is how it should be played Big Grin 
My little piece of heaven:


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