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What are you thinking right now?
(07-29-2020, 02:22 PM)ladyforsaken Wrote: I miss some of the peeps here, suddenly thought of you.

Serenia, nice to see you around here. <3

I hope you are doing okay too!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck it!
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
Finished:  Ha Ha----See your starting off this day with a good attitude....What a wonderful day its going to be and I am looking forward to it soooo much. So far I tripped on a chair and hurt my toe and broke a coffee cup and What a day this is---love thinking right now--What a day this is going to be...?
I hope this passes quickly.
I'm sure glad this day is almost over!!!!! 
It'll be great to close my eyes and die even if it's just for one night.

This day has really sucked! Customer service is almost completed dead. Today was shopping day. It's been about 1.5 weeks since I left my place. I wish it could be more. I slowly got to the front of the line at two places only to be treated like shit. 

So, I told the cashiers to F themselves, left the stuff on the counter, and walked out. I SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH more prefer places that use self check out. Thank you for that Walmart! I can easily ignore the computer telling me to "please place the last item in the bagging area" even though I did and I'm already on the next item instead of having some idiot telling me the items I'm trying to buy won't work, being rude about it, and arguing with me. 

Just shut the hell up and ring up the damn stuff! BTW, one place was Ace Hardware. I won't be back there for a long time. Then I went to Home Depot for a third negative experience looking for a 12' coax cable. I told two associates that I couldn't find any short lengths over in their TV section on the next isle over. They looked at me like I asked for a triple ground diamond reverse pattern cut off blade. I just shook my head and left the store as they continued talking about their personal lives. It'll be nice when there are no people inside the stores. Actually just let retail cease to exist.

That goodness for Ebay. It's quick and simple. Sure you have to wait a week or so to get an item and you get screwed sometimes but it's worth not having to deal with all the idiots in the retail stores.

Then I had to deal with motor vehicle. I worked my way up to some manager only to get excuses instead of solutions. Then the person tried to pacify me for the original person's rudeness. Ummm, how about just the truth???? Nope! It's too difficult to use that nowadays. You must always defend your position no matter how wrong it is. If it's obviously wrong defend it even more.

It's no wonder so many people take drugs. They are kind of a requirement to function in today's society. Marijuana is legal in many states now. It probably wont be too long before crack is legalized as well.
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
That posting says it all and what a terrific post--made me really laugh as it got further and further into  the activities of your day. Poor finished tomorrow will be a better day. Everything is so very true for I have experienced exactly as you say but it took me months to where it took you "one day"--terrible---Have a real nice dream sleep tonight and eat something special too...Thanks for the great laugh and the true feeling about how the world is working now. Yea just leave the stores there and have people check out themselves and ask a computer for help as well.  Sleep well forum friend sleep well....
Ha! ha! I slept well last night and am laughing about my post. I try to plan out everything in one day sessions so as not to ruin all the other days. I shouldn't have to leave my place for another week and a half or so. So, I'm happy about that. Ha! ha!
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
I wish it was time for bed
[Image: tenor.gif]
Yea snuggle next to that cute little kitten---go back to bed--sweet dreams..Some days are like that--...

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