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What made you smile today?

saw it for the first time today... can't wait!
Playing nice, and make up with my playmate.
[img][Image: dr7b13.jpg][/img]
My new boyfriend left me chocolates and a little note on the counter before he left for work Smile
can anybody hear me ?
Awww that's cute!
Veni vidi castravi illegitimos.
My poetry and soul.
[Image: internet.jpg]
Mahna Mahna
Finding this image:

[Image: 395507_10150448988391398_626821397_87704...5355_n.jpg]

haha Big Grin
Seeing my sandwich right before I ate it. I also got to pet a dog today!
Starting my orange and white self injury awareness bracelet <3
Veni vidi castravi illegitimos.
My poetry and soul.
[Image: internet.jpg]
Mahna Mahna
Handing my notice in to my place of work, and smiling knowing self-employment will bring greater fullfilment than pulling coffees all day.
Getting carded at the check-out! HEE HEE!!
[img][Image: dr7b13.jpg][/img]
guy on a different forum just wrote: fancy seeing my **** .. hahaha lmao who the hell writes that to a stranger Big Grin no hii how are you or anything.. im dying of laughter here Big Grin

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