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What made you smile today?
my cat
A video showing a police officer leaving for his duty for a curfew.
And his 10 year old kid is crying and pleading him not to go out, as there's "Corona" outside.
The man convinces his son that the Corona will not eat him away and he'll return safe. Shows his gun that if the corona does something to him, he will use that gun.
And leaves for his job holding his head high.
Smile   Toungue
On looking for a photo of my dalmatian for the dog breeds thread, I stumbled upon a video where I heard my late wife talking and laughing as she watched him play. I never knew this video existed. I haven't heard her voice since she died a year ago.

Tears of joy have run down my face tonight.
I watched "More American Graffiti" again and smiled a few times.
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She said "I'm doing slapsticks"as she balanced 'tween my two sofas.I said "what"."I'm doing slapsicks",trying to balance again.I said "your doing what"?.Then my brain cell engaged." mean gymnastics,Gym...nastics trying to get her to pronounce it right." Yeah,stupid SLAPSTICKS.Then she started jumping between my sofas..tripped and head butted me in the chest.Kids eh! Big Grin
My cats!
Talking to new people
And being shown a new book site Big Grin
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(02-10-2021, 03:53 AM)HypnoGhost Wrote: My cats!
Talking to new people
And being shown a new book site Big Grin

My cats always make me smile too. Today was no exception, especially as I was feeding them some roast chicken, which they love. Making my cats happy makes me happy and gives me the feeling I've got a purpose in life, as stupid as that sounds.
Reading a post.
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Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)

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