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(04-06-2013, 01:19 AM)EveWasFramed Wrote: I'm sure that everyone is aware of the recent misogynistic threads/posts that we've been seeing on the forum lately. Well, they certainly aren't new - they generally come in waves.
I would like to take this opportunity to paste a few posts (these are just by ONE member - I don't have time to research more, as there would be HUNDREDS of posts).
Everyone should read these and then stop and think about what kind of message it sends out to ANYONE on the forum, especially females and new members. It's a good example of why these kinds of threads/posts/comments shouldn't be allowed here (and likely wont be in the future).

This is for informational purposes only and doesn't nearly represent all of the comments in this line that we've had on the forum. The thread is closed to any replies (as none are needed). Maybe someone will look at all this and realize how poorly it reflects on the ones who makes these kinds of posts.

Thank you in advance, I know it's long....

my life is destroyed thanks to this society and girls act like *offensive word removed*
Women appear to have it easier. They basically have a free ride in the dating scene
But are you willing to stop being shallow. That's what women need to decide.
Guys like me are living true forced loneliness because I am stereotyped and forced out by the opposite sex
I know that I am living TFL because I have never had any girlfriend, relationships, dates, or even much platonic contact with girls before.
she will have no problem finding a guy, and who will accept her for who she is. I have even seen disabled women have kids]
the man can spread bad genes in the gene pool, which means they shouldn't reproduce (eugenics) but somehow the woman doesn't?

The answer to that is considered "woman hating" so I can't say it.

dating is rigged against the male gender

What if females admitted their wrong doings?

People are shallow, and men have it harder in general.

Unfortunately women don't look past the surface

Any woman who is looking for financial security or as it's now called "ambition" in a man is categorized as a gold digger to me.

Women stand where they are today and have their need for financial security but while they do that, I'm over here saying "wow, I can't compete, I don't stand a chance", and since every woman out there (let's not lie) wants this financial security I don't stand a chance at all. That is not generalizing. Every woman will at some point want a man to have money. Even if they have their own which makes them hypocrites.

I also find it bizarre how I can read profiles of thousands of women who want a man to have money but when I look at the opposite, I hardly see men wanting women to be "financially stable" "ambition" "college degree" etc. Who's the more shallow one on that angle?

Maybe their are women who make their own living and don't care, but let's be honest, the typical women out there, are not. They are focused on BS like ambition and what your job situation/financial situation. Don't lie to yourself.Definitely not the women you see in the subway or streets. If you dress like a poor dude (because you don't have enough money to get decent cloths), be assured no women is going to give you a second look
It's funny that the women who demand this from men are usually not working themselves, just looking for someone to support them, or they have 0 to offer themselves

Okay you want a man to be financially stable, so what do you as a woman have to offer? your body? Are you caught in a superiority complex? I'd tell those women to kindly GTFO.

Women seem to like men for what they have, not as a person, and that's pretty awful.

It's kinda like the jewish question, if you say there's a freakishly large amount of jews in top positions of power everyone calls you a nazi who wants to burn people in ovens. It's a very ridiculous way to act and a perfect example of strawman'ing. The way women judge about this is similar to the mind of a 5 year old child who gets the "no talking to strangers" lesson.

Women are the total opposite though, they believe it's justified for them to stereotype out guys and not deal with any repreccusions.
There's enough people on this planet that no man or woman should have to be alone if they don't want to. But we create our own demise. If women actually thought like that there probably wouldn't be so many lonely guys out there, but alas.
I'm forced out because of women and natural selection unfortunately.
Living in poverty, or working a crappy minimum wage job can also get your genes marked for extinction. I didn't decide this, women did when they claim to want financial security.

nice, respectful guy with a clean record who never did drugs and doesn't get into trouble and maybe has some nerdy interests and ecentric personality can't find a woman because he's not "desireable" enough.
nice, respectful guy with a clean record who never did drugs and doesn't get into trouble and maybe has some nerdy interests and ecentric personality can't find a woman because he's not "desireable" enough.
This is only one of the many ways women have a 100% easier time getting sex, and someone who likes them enough to be in a relationship. They aren't held up to standards like current trend looks, "ambition" and "financial stability".
Women don't even initiate friendship with guys. It is SAD, but it's unfortunate. Take me for instance, 21 years old and no girl has ever befriended me in real life. I have never had any kind of solid interaction with females before, because they decided I didn't exist, and that I was better off being ignored.

Women seem to be trained from an early age that men should be the ones that have to suffer from rejection.

I am completely invisible to females. Never had any kind of date, or friendship with a female (this is because they decided I don't exist, and I am not attractive enough) since day 1.

Finding a girlfriend and finding a Nice girlfriend are two seperate things. Loads of horrible women out there. You have to be very lucky to meet a really nice woman

My logic tells me that if a guy does everything in his power and every trick in the book for decades, still hasn't had a first girlfriend, and still can't even get a female to say hello, be a friend, or to date, there gets to a point where the guy says "wait a minute, is it really me who has a problem, or could it be women?"

Bottom line is I don't exist to girls, and they absolutely will not compromise. So really, I have no idea what to do when the problem is not me but them.

You keep throwing the blame on me when it is clearly them who chose things to be this way.

, I rationalize with myself and say it's because they practice eugenics and are materialistic

I think they fear guys who are a threat to their power. Of course they aren't interested in men who are free thinkers, and are interested in pure truth. Men are becoming women, and women are becoming men.
"men have done this to themselves" because men have allowed themselves to become so desperate that it has inflated women's ego so they think "all these guys want me, I'm a valuable commodity".

Because americans are socially disconnected, as are females.

Non-existance is the worst. You know why, females.

Nice sarcasm. I think we all know what gender requires that stuff.
Who's the one who requires top looks, "financial stability", college degrees, cars and "daring" personality?

Looks and financial stability and partly what kind of social life the guy has is all you females care about.

Us men are simple and don't need the superficial stuff, but women need the social confidence, social status, money, companionship, positivity, car, charm, and ambition. Then if a guy does have all that stuff, they may just find some petty way to write you off anyway.

Somehow, someway, women will always come back with some kind of feminist propaganda about how they have to look pretty, can't make much money, they make babies, blah blah blah. As if any of this stuff justifies being shallow. Pure shallow. Jaded from the soul. It's more like some kind of supremacist, power trip, that promotes bad behavior.
ales choose males.
Males have no choice or power in the dating/relationship world. Females are the more advantaged gender. Fact of life.
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