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So happy I found this site.
Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy your stay Smile
Je ne suis ni dieu ni démon,
Et tu m'as nommé par mon nom
Quand tu m'as appelé ton frère ;
Où tu vas, j'y serai toujours,
Jusques au dernier de tes jours,
Où j'irai m'asseoir sur ta pierre.
Aloha, Bu! I just joined the site, as well. After reading a lot of people's stories here and telling other's my own I do feel a little better, yes. I suggest you do the same. Tell people more about yourself, see if anyone can help. Do you have any specific questions? As in, how to meet new people - or how to feel less lonely when alone? Whichever the case, I wish you the best. By the way, I'm from a small town, too, so I can sympathise. ;-)

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