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Difference between alone and lonely
Its amazing what you can find on google when you type how your feeling. It led me here. The title is the difference between alone and lonely. It bothers me because I feel so lonely so out of touch with this world but im not alone. It shocks me when i think about how depressed i am and how alone I feel. I have a fiance who loves me and and family who would do anything for me. So why am I so lonely? I ask myself this everyday. I know I have depression and anxiety but I dont know why. How is it possible to have a decent life and love but still be so depressed and feel like im not meant to be in this world. I look at other people and I see the things that make them happy and smile and none of it works for me. I dont seem to like people. Is that possible.. I feel like I just want to stay in my little room all day and never go out into the world. And its not because I have a social problem, people always seem to like me, i guess im a likeable person, but its so ironic because I dont seem to like people. I dont know whats wrong with me. I feel like theres something missing. I know that I have much to be thankful for and happy about but im not. Maybe im just wierd and have problems, or maybe someone out there can relate. Thats how I stumbled upon this site, by typing into a search engine my feelings. I never open up to anyone in real life about my feelings thats just not me. I thought maybe this would help. Sad
Hi and welcome Smile You are very right about alone and lonely being two different things. Sometimes depression can make regular happy things seem boring or have little effect so that is probably why that is happening to you. Is there something that is bothering you or something you've kept bottled up for awhile? Not being able to talk these things out or let it out can take it's toll for sure. I think the reason why you don't want to be around people is because of how you feel, sad and down. I get like that too. You aren't weird, it's very common to have depression and anxiety so just remember that and don't feel bad because it's not like you asked for it. I hope things will be happier for you.
You don't have to be alone to be lonely. Some of the most famous superstars are also the most lonely.

If celebrities can get lonely, so can we.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
Maybe it's the lack of objectives that makes you feel like this, have you ever thought about this ? ....I'm afraid I can't help you much if you are not a little more specific though .
It sounds to me like you would need a litte extra help from a specialist, because it seems that you can't really tell what the real problem is and why you feel this way.
A specialist would be probably able to identify the real reason behind these feelings during therapy.
In the meanwhile try to talk about this with your parents .
Do it seriously.
Make them sit down, tell them what you are feeling and that you need help, suggest them ways they could make you happier, it could be more effective than you think.

Anyway since you said
"I know that I have much to be thankful for and happy about but im not."
Try to watch this I think it's very ispirational

I wish you the best. Smile
The message Jesus gave to us saved me and it's still doing it.
I had the same contemplation yesterday... I was going insane... but for a brief moment.. I connected 2 ideas to form a reason for my feeling.

I feel so empty. - with little peaks and valleys of passion/interest/action etc...

like the vast majority of the universe. mostly nothing. bits of matter and some energy.

I am feeling what is the reflection of the universe.
please let me know that I make sense...
but i accept that i am mad
Try to find people who share your interests. It can be much more interesting if your talking with some that shares a common interest. Your not just talking to them, your talking about something and expressing your enjoyement of something.

I am feeling empathy of the universe.
making more sense?

anyways... this feeling sucks man... I want to get out of it too...
sleep really helps.. rest up my friend.
Oh wow. You just expressed my feelings with so much more accuracy than I could ever do.
My family says it's depression, they say meds are the solution, that i feel alone because of a chemical imbalance in my brain. I want to know what your opinion on meds are.
Live Love Lust Life
Meds are a joke imo. I am not saying they don't have their uses and are not important, however, society today wants to solve all your problems with a pill. Ages have come and ground to dust and billions have lived and died without them and I personally would never, even in most most depressed suicide filled state take pills to make it better. It wouldn't be real. It takes the struggle out of making it. I dunno maybe I'm just an idiot but I think the primary reason for the dramatic increases in depression are the pills themselves. Not to say, again, that there are not a few folks that these pills turn their lives completely around, but for me, lonliness and aloneness are just phases of feeling, the come and go and are strongest when I allow myself to focus on them. Stay strong my friend we are all fighting for the same thing!

ive always felt Disconnected from life.
Yet ive always been around people. .in relationship
and hace friends..

I experinced a bit of trauna and dramma in my life.
Family members and love ones.
Plus theres just so much coming at me.21st centry life
is fast pace.
So im not exactly sure if its just my natural defencsive mechanism
kicking in to prevent me from going into overload as i cintinue
to live in this fast trrrain or function in it....
the feeling of disconnect. I dont feel lonely either.


the reasons why theres dramma n trauma
in my are becuase of the fucken pills precibe
to my love ones. They get addicted to them.
throw some alcohol into the mix...cuz the nature
of addiction is progression....its like pocket
full of fucken sunshine....

if your abuse drugs and alcohol ..
obviously your going to cuase frontal lobe
damage....that were your brain pricesss

At the sametime stress will also brain damage.

its been a bit steessful living around dramma..

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