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Sitting in the house alone :(
Well my advice would be to go find another guy(s). And you will quickly forget about him. There are better guys than him. If you know how to flirt, go out about your daily chores, and you see somone you find appealing, make it obvious you are flirting with them.

Or you could just have some (good) meaningless sex for a while with other guy(s), especially since all your flatmates are gone.
i got you. even tho i dont know you. u responded to my post and helped me so i can only do the same for you. holler if you wana talk to some1 i got open ears for anyone who is willing to talk.
He could just be pretending not to be hurt or miss you.

Going for walks can make you feel less lonely. Doing it in a park or conservation area can lead to some light interactions. On a busy street it feels more lonely as people aren't interested in even casual greeting. In leisure areas people aren't in any hurries so their more friendly.

Even if you don't talk to anyone, it's nice to be out when the weather is nice.

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