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Hi, I live in India. I am unemployed. I had two friends but they cheated by maintaining terms with my enemies. Now I am completely alone. This unemployment & lac of friends is making my life really difficult. Hoping to have a nice time sharing my feelings with you guys.

Aryan is a term used to denote the whole ancient Indo-European peoples or more specifically the historic Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-Europeans.
The term "Aryan" is often associated with its usage by the National Socialists during the Third Reich period. National Socialism defined Aryans to be Europeans with the Nordic-Germanic at the top of the hierarchy, followed by other Europeans. Contrary to popular belief, the National Socialists did not say that Aryans were blonde hair and blue eyed people, they did not discriminate against people on their hair or eye color and nowhere in Mein Kampf did Adolf Hitler even mention such an idea.
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Je ne suis ni dieu ni démon,
Et tu m'as nommé par mon nom
Quand tu m'as appelé ton frère ;
Où tu vas, j'y serai toujours,
Jusques au dernier de tes jours,
Où j'irai m'asseoir sur ta pierre.

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