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Your Place In The Family - Oldest, Middle, Youngest, Only
Where is your place in the family?
Are you the oldest/older, middle, youngest, or only child?
I was wondering if this had *anything* to do with feeling lonely.
Do you think your place in the family has anything to do with your loneliness?

I am the oldest but as far as status goes at my folks house, there is a seat for everyone including the dog and I end up on the floor. Smile

My younger sister is far more sensible, grounded and married than me though to answer your question, although I have provided one more grandchild to her measly effort of one. I should get the seat.
I'm but an only child. As a kid, it always forced me to either enjoy myself on my own - which stimulated me to use my imagination and create all kinds of wild adventures - or to either go out and play with the neighbourhood kids. So I suppose it either makes you a complete introvert, or stimulates you to get out there and be social.

I guess that being an only child does make me somewhat more lonely than people with siblings: I don't have a big family, no brother or sister to fall back on, no little nieces and nephews...

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Et tu m'as nommé par mon nom
Quand tu m'as appelé ton frère ;
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Jusques au dernier de tes jours,
Où j'irai m'asseoir sur ta pierre.
I'm the oldest of my parents' marriage, but I have two older half brothers. Even so, I assume the responsibilities of the oldest child.
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I'm the youngest, I have an older brother. I also have a half-sister I am estranged from and have not seen or spoken to since I was 11. I don't think it contributed to my loneliness though, my brother and I were actually friends at one point.
Well, I guess technically I'm the younger one, but only by about 3 minutes.
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I grew up being the youngest in the family. My sister is 8 years older than me but we grew closer as we got older. Both my parents remarried and my step parents each have 3 daughters and also 1 son so I'm a middle child now. If that even counts as we never lived together.
If I count my half sister (have only seen her a few times in my life and am trying to reconnect recently), I am the youngest of three. My sister (whole) and I have fought a lot, but are somehow close. I don't even feel like I can talk to her about things like loneliness though.
I guess I was babied a lot. I never expected to have to take care of myself. I was raised thinking I would just get married and have help (teamwork). I think shame for being single contributes to loneliness. I also come from a hoarder, so that does NOT help. I still live in the house (my parents moved) and am stuck with all the crap (and cannot afford to move out).
I don't know that feeling ignored and not taken as seriously as my older sister has anything to do with me being younger. Maybe it was just our personalities.
My parents are still married.
(04-11-2012, 11:32 PM)Sci-Fi Wrote: Well, I guess technically I'm the younger one, but only by about 3 minutes.

a twin! :-) Fraternal or identical?
I'm not sure you struggle with loneliness, but if you do and are identical twins, does your twin also struggle?
Middle. Got one older bro and one younger.
I'm the youngest. I have 2 older brothers....

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