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Quite concerned that an online friend of mine has committed suicide.
She's disappeared without trace and has not signed into live messenger for a good couple of months (was usually on there very regularly). We didn't argue last time we talked so I know that's not the reason behind it, and even more worryingly she left a message on this very forum not so long ago stating she wanted her life to end. Have tried e-mailing her and have had no response.

Very concerned. Any ideas?

I'm sorry to say, there is only one thing you can do. All you know is that she isn't here. Accept that fact, try to not let the lack of information burden you. In any case, you have done what you can.
I've heard that there are some very creative ways to check and view someone else's recent activity on their computer. Not sure how though. Maybe someone you know might be able to help you. A friend perhaps.

To be brutally honest, I don't think there's any thing you can do about it. Do you know anyone your friend knows? Maybe use her email to find her facebook?
Thanks for the help guys, but i'm at a loss about this one to be honest.

I'll just have to see what happens. The only positive thing i'm thinking is she has two children, so she more than likely wouldn't leave them in such a way.

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