Poll: Five Million Dollars or True Love for the Rest of Your Life - Which Would You Chose
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Five Million Dollars
34 51.52%
True Love for the Rest of Your Life
32 48.48%
Big Skinny
0 0%
Total 66 vote(s) 100%
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Five Million Dollars or True Love For the Rest of Your Life
If you were offered five million dollars or true love for the rest of your life, which one would you take?

I would take the five million dollars!
true love is never guaranteed, so I would definitely choose the money.

I would take the money and make a giant money woman statue out of it, then proceed to fuck the shit out of it. Smile
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-Stephen Fry
Ha, I'm going with the money too. Just can't bring myself to believe in true love :/
For 5 mill I could realize my dreams but I still believe in love. So I vote for true love since I've seen both my parents find it after they divorced and found love.
“This is some rescue. You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?"
True love. What am I going to do with all that money myself? Sad Then again... I could give a bunch away.... and having friends is fulfilling. *rethinks the idea* LOL. :] I'll buy a beach house... and friends can live in it too!

But srsly, love... friends... is better than being rich. Financially stable is enough.
I'll take the $$$ please Smile
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Make it 100,000,000 and we got a deal.
"The hero is commonly the simplest and obscurest..."
- Henry David Thoreau

Like a pundit, I offer my advice uncensored and completely from gut feeling.

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money is over-rated. I don't see the purpose of it.

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