Poll: Five Million Dollars or True Love for the Rest of Your Life - Which Would You Chose
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Five Million Dollars
34 51.52%
True Love for the Rest of Your Life
32 48.48%
Big Skinny
0 0%
Total 66 vote(s) 100%
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Five Million Dollars or True Love For the Rest of Your Life
5 million.
I gave up on true love existing a long time ago. I can buy lots of untrue love with 5 million.
I'm a naive fool, so I'll go with true love.

(10-30-2018, 03:00 AM)Richard_39 Wrote: I can buy lots of untrue love with 5 million.
that's a really good point.
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*
True love.
I think you guys are confusing love and sex. It's not the same thing.
"From my mind to these pages
to another time and another reader's eyes,
it's amazing how I can speak to you
over time and distance.
That is the Beauty of Literature."
Five million or the wife no competition . Large amounts of money would make me nervous anyway would have to get rid of it fast.
I'll take the money. With that I can live comfortably without the constant worry about the future. If it's true love with a woman who has 5 million... nah... my self-respect couldn't survive that.
True Love. Money counts for nothing.
True love.

This time last year, I'd have gone for the cash.
Do not mess with ANZAC.
Though I have never had an aim to be a rich person I still need enough money for comfortable life.

As for love, I have lost any hopes to love and be loved. I have never had it in my life and probably will never have.

I can live without love but I cannot live without food and home.

So I would choose money.

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