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I hate San Diego
Hey man you're not alone. I'm 18 and unemployed. I've been to a couple interviews though because other places Ive applied to have never called me back. Life can suck at times. But if you need someone to talk to im always here! I'm a night owl myself.
Hey, sounds like you really need a break! Go on a trip, the farther the better! You need a different environment to re-awaken your senses and come alive again. 23 is a wonderful age to be - don't waste it! Right now is summer, perfect time for travel. If you don't have money, just take your bicycle and a tent, and go! Bring a journal to record your thoughts and feelings... it will work! Smile
I totally fucking loved your post. 2nd thing that comes up when you Google "I hate san diego." What you wrote was about 90% what I would write. Incredible. I am also trapped in this soulless consumerist cultureless wasteland. Also living with parent, in Godawful Central. Also poor and under-employed, due to a disabling illness known as Severely Fucked Over Human Disorder. I am also an extreme Night Owl, largely because I can't stand daytime, which illuminates The Great Hideousness. At night, one can avoid reality & the mainstream zombie hordes so much better. And while I hate being stuck in my room, when I think hard of escaping it, there is not one fucking place I would want to go to around here. (Amazing that not even 1% of this area is likeable. I have struggled to live in Seattle for years, where there are about a million different places I like, and numerous different non-lame subcultures I like, or at least respect.)

Musicwise, holyshit, I am also a post-punk freak, with zero connection to others with the same taste. The last big concert I saw, which was a LOOONG time ago, was Bauhaus, after they reunited. Every day is like living in Silent Hedges, Burning From The Inside, Antonin Artaud, & In The Night. Perfect music and lyrics for this situation.

New-music-wise, I love the insane Richard Cheese cover of "Down With The Sickness," along with the original. Helps me deal with SD.

I, Curmudgeon looks excellent. Where can I steal it online? Or am I actually going to have to pay fucking money to get it? Christ. Anything but that. I have mooched hard for my money.

Anyways. I suggest we form a gang in order to deal with SD. Find other curmudgeons and gang up on the fucker! Yes!
That "Down With the Sickness" cover makes me laugh Smile

Lifelong San Diegan here...almost half a century of sunshine and Santa Anas....a fucking horrible place when you're broke and depressed, I agree.
(07-26-2012, 06:49 PM)privatelife Wrote: I'm 23. The only place I ever go any more is the grocery store. I'm unemployed, have no license (nothing's good enough to motivate me to get one), live with my parents etc. The film "I, Curmudgeon" more or less sums up my feelings on everything. I'm a lonely motherfucker. I keep a nocturnal schedule because the majority of "day people" piss me off, I hate the weather here, I've always been a night owl anyway etc. Aside from one friend who now lives far away, I'm the only one my age I know who likes old post-punk, punk, no wave, new wave etc. bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Lydia Lunch, GG Allin, Boyd Rice, Oingo Boingo etc. but I've become so bitter and lonely I hardly give a shit about music anymore anyway. I stopped going to concerts years ago because all it ever did was reinforce my loneliness and waste money. The only meager income I've managed is shitty online transcription work through Mechanical Turk. I've been on countless interviews but no matter how fake/pleasant/outgoing/ etc. I act, feed them lines etc., I'm sure my contempt shines right through. I more or less hate/am bored with everything. I also now get sick of anything new within a week. If I've already done it, it's boring. Furthermore, writing this doesn't accomplish shit.

There are lot of people here that like the same music you do. Many of them are in bands who can go see. There is also a very large goth and steampunk scene here that would welcome you in. Many people think only of the beach here and the douchebags of the Gaslamp and East County, but there is a lot more here than that. I am a night owl too, the heat wave has made me that way. Smile

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