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what was the last movie you saw?
Recently watched several


Battlestar Galactica

Death of a President

The Kingdom
This must be some kind of joke. Not funny.
The most recent I've seen was Saw IV and I loved it.. =] Everyone says it's not as good as the rest of them but I disagree I mean I can see how it just kinda gets more gruesome as the series goes on but I still like the movies. ^_^.
Look for a rainbow on a rainy day. =].
last sunday, my younger sister and i went to the movie theater in Pennsylvania and spent the whole afternoon watching 3 movies for the price of one. Wink

Definetly, Maybe. i like that fact of it being a romantic movie. and i like the bonding of the daughter and the father.. and i also love the fact the the daughter wants to help her dad to find his happiness and his true love. i'll give 4 smiles for that.SmileSmileSmileSmile

Cloverfield.if you like scary movie, this one is right for you. however, the ending is kind of clift hangger, i dont know what happent to the last two people, if they die or if somebody saved them. who knows. the way they filmed the movie is kind of documentary style. it really feels like you are there. its just while watching it it made me feel dizzy, its insane looking at the wide screen and your view scenes that are not at ease. the video capture is everywhere. if you have those sickness.. better not watch this.. it will only gives you a headache. but the quality horror is great!. three smiles..SmileSmileSmile

Step Up 2 (the streets). the theme of this movie is a about street dancing. romance is also in the air. it is said that family sticks together, then this movie say how family shold be.whether it is you friend, you gang, group, family is still family no matter what. there is a quote from the movie that i really love, "it;s not where you're from, it's where you at". five smile for this one!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
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The last movie I saw was American Pie: Beta House
I saw the EYE with Jessica Alba on V-day..

It was pretty good.. then again I do enjoy asian flicks turned hollywood..
I saw There Will Be Blood, it was nearly 3 hours long but one of the best movies I'd seen in recent memory, well worth the price of admissionToungue

I give it:
Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
5/5 smiley faces
I blindly bought American Gangster yesterday, and wish I hadn't. It's not that it's a terrible movie, but I wasn't blown away by it either. There are a zillion other movies I can think of that move me, and are missing from my collection.
I watched jumper, it wasnt as good as i thought it would be.
Last movie I saw was jumper aswell.
It was actually better than I thought it would be (had low expectations)
[Image: lost-1.png]
I saw 27 Dresses. It's a bit slow but quite a nice chick flick. Cute story.

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