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what was the last movie you saw?
I actually went and saw Doomsday, and I've got to say...there's one big steaming pile of shit. I'd take castration over seeing that again.
ya i saw that a while ago I didn't think too much of it either
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Miles to go, Little Miss Muffet counting down from 730
I saw "There Will be Blood" yesterday, and OH MY GOD! Amazing movie. I'm very glad I got my ass to a cinema to see it. Daniel Day-Lewis' acting is simply breath-taking. My new hero ^^
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You better stop looking behind
Whatever you want to change
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I saw a film called jump on DVD the other day. It was about ppl that can jump from anywhere they like in the world as long as they have the image in there head where they wont to jump to. I would love the power to do that for real. Would be totally awesome. In the film this guy lived very good. He robed banks to live. No chance of getting court as he could go anywhere in the wold in a second. Good film.
Heartbeat [1946] Ginger Rogers and Basil Rathbone

A little sappy at times and nothing that i will watch again anytime soon but it was nice to see a few of the old stars.
The last movie I saw was The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which I will not watch again so late at night. Nope Toungue
Last film i saw was: The Waiting Room.

Not particularly my choice of flick, but as it was a free premiere after a film event... who was i to argue lol.

All the same it was a decent film, tho i did hear someone breaking the tissues out on the back rows.. bit of a weepy if you're the sensitive sort specially those who have been affected by a relationship gone sour.
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Artsy I love the quote in your sig, good stuff

The last movie I saw was Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

It was very good especially for a musical which I wasn't expecting. Johnny Depp's singing was fantastic but some of the other people got a little annoying maybe it was just me... But still I'd recommend it to everybody

I give it 4/5
I saw a pretty good French movie called "Mon Meilleur Ami"

I didn't really know what it was about when I rented, and I was surprised when I found out. It's about a guy who lives a pretty successful life, but finds out that he have no friends. Ah, the irony

Even though it was a comedy, I found one scene pretty disturbing. In the beginning, he's in a restaurant with a bunch of his colleagues. They casually start talking about how he doesn't care about other people, and that he have no friends, but he doesn't understand it, because he thinks that they all are his friends, and there's this huge awkwardness. It's hard to explain, but you could really feel his whole world came crashing down. So sad.

I felt it was a good movie, because I could really relate to it. And I love the French language ^^
"Whatever you're looking for
You better stop looking behind
Whatever you want to change
You better start changing your mind
'Cause anything can be done
Stand up 'cause this is your time"
worldofadreamer Wrote:I watched jumper, it wasnt as good as i thought it would be.

HAy! That was the last film I sew as well. I actually thought it was pretty good.

But then it was moor of a guy film then a girly one Toungue

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