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Other Lonely Resources
(03-24-2010, 05:26 AM)tal Wrote: Not seen this mentioned. I think its mainly for UK people.

I'm also trying to start my own community, though so far I'm not getting much interest. Sad
I'm trying to make it somewhere less depressing for shy, geeky and lonely people. I'd be grateful for new members.

You need to learn a bit about SEO so you can promote your board and get it well-indexed in search engines.
If you're in the UK, don't forget about the Samaritans:

They offer emotional support and someone to talk to, either through the phone, email or a drop-in centre. It is a completely confidential and free (registered charity) service, and despite the name, it is not a religious organisation.
"For know you, that your gold and marble city of wonder is only the sum of what you have seen and loved in youth. It is the glory of Boston's hillside roofs and western windows aflame with sunset, of the flower-fragrant Common and the great dome on the hill and the tangle of gables and chimneys in the violet valley where the many-bridged Charles flows drowsily. These things you saw, Randolph Carter, when your nurse first wheeled you out in the springtime, and they will be the last things you will ever see with eyes of memory and of love."
I certainly believe that the resources you list should be prominently linked to this site. I also want to stress to everyone that loneliness is a natural condition and that anyone who does not feel it from time to time (sometimes for months) is unusual. Additionally, many of us are comfortable with being alone. I am 57 have two grown children, am divorced and choose to live in a rural setting. I enjoy not so much being alone, but being with the world around me.
This is a very good site: (for those unfamiliar with the term "hikikomori," wikipedia has a good article on it). HikiCulture is the best hiki site on the web.
If I gave you a ticket as a resource to find the most special love for your eternal life and the girl was introduced to you for example her friend who has spoken that perhaps you need a girlfriend and you think. Yes, i can find a true girl that will love me if i promise not to change her and she reaches out for a boyfriend that was obviously understanding that she had been through a difficult time that resource would be that if you jump the que of my friend that introduced you to myself, she would be spinning around looking a new friend. I would say, NO, i don't want to change you and i don't want to sleep around, i want to be your friend and then we are together. I can't speak the words of my environment as the people in that environment but I can sweep around like a looser and watch myself as protection of the people i want to care for.
There was this guy named Jonah. He got swallowed by a whale. I'm pretty sure he lived to tell about it. Jonah remained silent about his findings and moved to a new adventure.
I am a nice person and have read some brilliant information on websites but don't mention them because i think life is about finding information that suits you to how you want to feel. I also want to quote that like meeting people, I choose to talk to some people because they sit with me with open arms and listen and then that information is a good response to understand each other. I think this is a good forum and has some special people, thats why we are here right. I have read some posts and people needed a shoulder to lean on. When that happens I like to tell people that what you have done is so special and what arrives next if for you to help others to understand the future. A good website for me at the moment is this website. Smile
There was this guy named Jonah. He got swallowed by a whale. I'm pretty sure he lived to tell about it. Jonah remained silent about his findings and moved to a new adventure.
#40 (a forum for loners)

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