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Change The Person Above You
Change something about the person above you. This is a not about a change you'd really like to see, just something fun and possibly absurd. Could be as outlandish as changing them into an animal, changing their age, or gender, or making them hypnotized, or something very minor. Changes apply only to this thread, and are limited to one per person / turn.

When you take additional turns, try to react according to what was already changed about you. An exception would be if you're changed in a way that makes it so you can't talk, in which case an excuse for your translation would do. I've a feeling that as the thread progresses, we're going to become very strange... lol

Unless turns are used to change people back, of course, or undo previous changes...
i dont think i understand?
I would change Phaedron into a far right-wing fascist.
I would change Barbaloot to getting online more.
I would change Rosebolt into spaceship pilot.
[Image: determination.jpg]
I would change Pendragon into a dragon breathing self confidence.
I would change PenDragon into a real fire breathing Dragon. Smile

Sometimes i'm up,sometimes i'm down.Sometimes i'm good,sometimes i'm a little bit Devilish!

I would change Gabriel to someone who plays the game properly and doesn't ignore me.
I would change Rosebolt in to Tulipclap
I would change Rahvin to a dancing Penguin handing out free narcotics at the the middle of winter

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