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Art Bell - The Shadow People
Have you ever seen Shadow People? I saw a lot of them back in 96...

My first house was very old, as it turns out it was formerly owned by a family whose teenage son was heavily into witchcraft and devil worship, and made portals inside the house.
I've seen one while out hiking/geocaching. I hiked along a creek using a trail that was pretty much unused because of a bridge washout, but there was a cache at the bridge remains. The creek trail intersected a road at the bridge. While I was looking for the cache, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up the road (not the trail) and saw a completely black form in the shape of a person. No color, red eyes, or anything like that. It was just like a black silhouette cutout. That is one of few times in my life that I have been truly scared. I took off back down the creek trail and looked through the woods to the road after about 100 yds and saw nothing of the figure.

My cousin, who is into paranormal stuff and such, thinks it could have been one of the slaves who died building the mill and mill race the remains of which are still standing on the creek a short ways away.
Yep, completely black and often with red eyes tend to be the distinctive features...
I've been a C2C listener since the early 90s....
I encountered one a few years ago at 3 AM in the morning, right after I woke up from a series of dark dreams. I fell asleep w/ my iPod and when I woke up I felt something try to pull my iPod from me. I thought it was my mom so I resisted, then I when I looked up THERE HE/IT WAS! A freakishly tall, dark shadow figure with no defined features. I could hardly let out a scream for my mother who was in the next room snoring! I guess the figure didn't expect to be noticed so as soon as he/it saw me noticing his presence and being shocked, he/it swiftly skipped to my closet and then vanished in thin air. After his presence was gone, I had control of my body again, and I felt at peace again. That was weird. It was surreal... I was incredibly shocked. XD Thank goodness the shadow person wasn't malicious. For a while I considered him/it to be my guardian angel in dark form. XD
Don't wait for the perfect moment; take the moment and make it perfect.
I've never seen them. I always wondered if the people who saw them had something like schizophrenia. But since people who have schizophrenia often report seeing the same things(birds etc...), I wonder if they're really there. I hope I never see one.

(10-14-2012, 02:46 PM)LonelyInAtl Wrote: I've been a C2C listener since the early 90s....
That show is awesome. I can't stay up that late anymore Sad
I've always been suspicious of poltergeists.

Why is it always in stories where most of the time the person is alone and in a dark area?

I could never believe these stories.
Haha - I thought it was a video, I never had the sound on an kept skipping it wondering why it was never starting!
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This stuff gives me the creeps...
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I've seen things before. I don't really talk about it much.

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