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Interesting read on self esteem
Thanks so much. I really really really needed to hear that right now.
It's the discussion of the wolf. Which wolf will you feed?

It's an old Indian proverb.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
(10-16-2012, 01:27 AM)LonelyInAtl Wrote: After so many failures, mistakes, and broken dreams we begin to give up on ourselves and on life. Some of us become depressed, withdrawn, and passive, accepting whatever life gives as a cruel joke that we must endure. 

Like fear, self-hatred is a habit of the mind, an arbitrary way of looking at life and at oneself that leads only to further mistakes, poor performance, and unhappiness. When someone else attacks you, at least you have the opportunity to conquer your adversary by mobilizing the body's defenses. But when you attack yourself, there is no outcome but defeat. You cannot win in a battle against yourself; you only create conflict and suffering. Instead of mobilizing your body's systems to defend yourself, you become depressed, passive and withdrawn.

That's me right now, making mistake after mistake (normally the same ones) and I've really given up on myself. Depressed, withdrawn and passively accepting how bad my life is because I feel that's just the way it is for me is exactly where I'm at right now.
You talk about effort? Are there any ideas in mind when you're speaking of this? Like any helpful tips for trying to change the way you think of yourself even if you are really down on yourself and depressed?
Really good article I have to say.

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