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Can You Put Away Your Fair Share Of Liquor And Still Be Able To Walk?
Wish I were able to handle more. 
I can drink a fair amount of beer and be alright. But hard liquor is not my friend.
I don't think I've ever had trouble walking when drunk... One time i traded shoes with someone before we walked home and ended up waking up to horrible cuts and blisters on my feet. Open toe and they were probably two sizes too small. I've no idea how I put them on, much less managed to walk clear across town in them. I have a harder time walking sober. 😁

This was prob twenty years ago... I wouldn't be drinking anyone under the table these days.
I drink considerably less than I used to when I was in my early and middle twenties. I wouldn't exactly call the hangover I get the next morning as awesome as the buzz from the night before.

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