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Thanksgiving is tomorrow
I should be happy, and in alot of ways I am. usually thanks giving isn't really big deal to me as I'm not really a fan of turkey and most other dishes on thanksgiving. Stuffing and punkin pie are the only things i really go crazy on lol. This year we are getting 5th Street Pizza though, I can't wait! I'm originally from St Louis MO, and there is a pizza place there called Imo's. so long story short is 5th Street makes there pizzas just like Imo's. so amazing Pizza, with two punkin pies will have me drunk on food in no time!

While I'm excited about Pizza, I'm also sad. Thanksgiving marks another year of loneliness, brings back memory's of past Thanksgivings telling myself "by next Thanksgiving I'm sure to have friends.". It's kinda nice though, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything like I would on a weekend or some other holiday. I'm glad it's mostly close family this year. I hate having to bullshit people I haven't seen in a year but telling them I have Friends and and do shit besides work and be depressed. there really isn't a point to this thread, just somewhere to rant.

are you guys and gals going to enjoy Thanksgiving? what is everyone eating? let's share, and have thanks for are loneliness! ( that's a joke of course Wink )
We don't have thanksgiving in the UK, so it is one less event to feel lonely at:-) But like all annual events it does make you look back over the last tweleve months and either feel happy or sad, depending on how it has gone.
I hope that you enjoy your day with your family and maybe you could try telling one or two of them how things resally are for you instead of pretending? It might help you to feel closer to them.
Our thanksgiving was in October. Just another day here. I have no idea what my mom has planned for supper tonight though. Happy thanksgiving to all you American's though.
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