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Can a women find a guy with stretch marks attractive?
So I have a major lack of self esteem.. I have stretch marks that go from my waist to my armpits on both sides, on my stomach, arms, and chest. I used to be a large guy, weighing in around 330, I weigh 230 now and I'm 6'1". I have a lot of loose skin and man boobs. In my opinion no woman can ever find me attractive, I'm here looking for opinions. Be honest, brutally so.. please.
I wouldn't be bothered by it.

And people are willing to look past a lot of physical flaws when they really care about you.
Have you considered getting surgery to remove the stretch marks?

Irregardless, a lot of women have stretch marks. They wouldn't want to be judged for their marks, so they won't judge yours.

And I have marks as well, and still some fat to lose.
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Yeah, there are many who will love you the way you are.
Well from what I hear you'd find it more difficult to find someone who doesn't have ANY stretch marks.
I've pretty much decided when I get to my goal weight I'm having surgery to remove the excess skin.
I have the same problem Do to Predazone

They can.
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I'm a woman and I say Yes. Hands down. I'm more likely to be put off by BO than stretch marks or some flabby skin.

And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss. That is so amazing!
I'm a girl and it absolutely wouldn't bother me, not in the slightest. I also struggled with my weight for a long time so I know how hard it is, especially the stretch marks and flabby skin. Congratulations Smile

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