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Can a women find a guy with stretch marks attractive?
(12-27-2012, 03:47 AM)EveWasFramed Wrote: There IS a door number 3 here you know.

While someone might not think they're "hawt" and some may not find them "kinky" (that statement seems odd to me anyway) some might just not have a preference at all. They might just see them as part of who a person is and not have an opinion either way.
T_T While true that would make me sad. I like my stretch marks.
If suicide were not the answer. I would not constantly be thinking about it.
[Image: hpotato_otaku_kaichou_wa_maid_sama_side_...rd06-1.jpg]

Inspiration To Get In Shape... Applies to Everyone
A Huge Picture And a Smaller One. Also I call BS on your excuses
I have very low self esteem Ive been single for yrs I have depression issues as well.I feel where youre coming from
I wouldn't judge anyone on weight and stretch marks. I have some on my legs from growth spirts as a kid.

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