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Life With No Possibility Of Parole, Or The Death Penalty. Which Would You Choose?
(06-25-2013, 03:52 AM)Edward W Wrote: I'd do the time. Read and write. A (good) book can transport me to anywhere in time and space. So can my mind, no walls can stop that.

Im willing to bet there is only so many hours you can spend reading, only so many good books you can get your hands on and only so many hours you can spend off in la-la land. As much as i think i would love to be able to lay around and read forever, if that is all there was to do for the rest of my life, i would get bored of it. And a lack of stimulation from the outside world would dry up your imagination pretty quickly.

Another thing about prison....

Imagine locking 4 people in a room together for a week. What would happen, initally they would talk, eventually every small remark or anything negative would be the cause of massive arguments and fights. Every little action is magnified because there is nothing else to focus on. Prison is much the same. Everything that happens seems like a big deal, there is nothing else to focus on.

This is just what im told by people that have done 8-10 years in prison. I think its hard to imagine unless you've experienced it but it sounds like hell on earth to me.
I'd choose the death sentence, esp. if it were by lethal injection. I've met a few ex-cons in my life so far & after talking with them, & reading one book by a survivor of High Desert state prison in southern NV, I'm all in facor of execution. Even if I were innocent & been mistakenly convicted or railroaded by an aggressive judge & prosecutor, the death sentence would still be better than life in prison. There's a simple reason for it: A dead man is beyond feeling pain; a living man is not. And if you're sentenced to life, what remains of your life won't contain much other than fear, occasional violence, & an ocean suffering.

There's also the distinct possibility that if I were sentenced to life in prison, I'd get stabbed to death by another convict anyway....probably some new kid trying to make his rep.
illegitimus non carborundum
I would have to choose the death sentence because I couldn't wait for the rest of my natural life to be over. It would drive me crazy especially because of how impatient I can be. I would rather get it over and done with as soon as possible.
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A Strong Man Doesn't Need To Read The Future, He Makes His Own.
Like the posters above me, I'd choose the death sentence.
Well... That depends on what type of prison, could you get life with no parole in minimum security prisons? I asking because I honestly don't know... Well, in any case, I'd pick life with no parole if I can request, & be granted, solitary confinement or cell... I wouldn't have any problem with that, being that I spend most of the free time alone & not so free time wanting to be alone, lol...
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I think I could do a few weeks in solitary confinement (actually, very weirdly, I'd like to try it) but year after year? No way.

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