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Moving soon! Looking forward to positive thinking and self improvement! :)
Hey all. Just a quick blurb about what's happening in my life! Gonna be moving soon to hopefully work part time and pursue hobby type schtuff (youtube maybe) to best of my ability. Really looking forward to taking the time to potentially find something I may love to do! Moving away from of my friends (mostly to force myself to purely focus on improving some "skill" (starting to sound like Napoleon Dynamite lol) so will probably start posting more on here! So how's life n such on your end? Favourite colour? : )
Good luck! Don't lose contact with your friends! You never know how hard it might be to make new ones, assuming you are planning to, lol. Life's fine here! Life's always fine until it's not fine Smile Favorite Color? Good question! For a long time it was Blue. But now I think I like Green equally as much.
Reinvention is better than cure.

Maybe it says something that my favourite colour is the absence of colour? Black.
Self-exploration is essential to healing! Congruent wish you the best Big Grin Favorite color is ORANGE!
I'm not sure we have met Tylor. Please forgive me if we did and I forgot. I admire your drive. I hope everything works out for you and that you succeed in everything you are trying to accomplish.
I don't remember your posts, but I wish you luck in your endeavors.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
I think broadening yourself is a great idea but dont' abandon your friends entirely. You need balance in your life. Keep in contact with them while moving forward.

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