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Female "friends." Just venting a little
I need to vent a little about a recent issue. I was invited a week ago to go to a concert tomorrow night. It was going to be me and four coworkers. One of them was my friend before I even started working there, the others I met at work.

We agreed several days ago to meet up at one of the girls' house last night and carpool to the concert. I had no idea where the girl lived. I texted my friend and one of the other girls NUMEROUS times between the hours of 4pm and 8:30pm (the concert was at 10:30pm, but we were supposed to meet up around 9pm) with no response whatsoever. None.

An hour or two later, I see them posting pictures of "Girls Night Out" on Facebook.

I don't know why this hurts, but it does.

1.) One of them was supposed to be my friend. We were friends before I even started working there.
2.) I paid my $20 debt for that ticket a week ago. One of the other girls bought the tickets all at once, so I gave the money, and she had the ticket. But what do you know, my texts went ignored all night/afternoon.
3.) None of them were even friends and hanging out before I started working there. I was literally the one who got everybody to start socializing...

I have no idea why this happened, no idea why my own friend would choose to ignore me. I sent her a final text last night telling her that I was ashamed of her actions. After all of the times I drove her around, babysat her son on my day off, loaned her money to pay bills, etc., the LEAST she could do is answer my texts. But no, nothing. At work today, I just casually asked, "so did yall have a good time?" and said that I expected my money back.

It's frustrating. I don't know why this happened. Why would they invite me to go to begin with if they were going to pull this stunt? Sad This happens with pretty much every single friendship I have with another female...

Hope you do get your money back.
That's terrrible. It would be interesting to hear her explanation. Get your money back!

Eh, you know how girls are with their girls nights out. However, now you have a lesson learned. Next time say you will buy your own ticket and they can meet you there. Well better yet, do not and go by yourself and make some new friends.
If suicide were not the answer. I would not constantly be thinking about it.
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Inspiration To Get In Shape... Applies to Everyone
A Huge Picture And a Smaller One. Also I call BS on your excuses
(01-07-2013, 04:01 PM)AFrozenSoul Wrote: However, now you have a lesson learned. Next time say you will buy your own ticket and they can meet you there.

If there's genuine avoidance/bitchiness going on here then why would she want to go at all?
Hey Rox, that's horrible! You should totally get your money back and ignore them from now on. It is really difficult to find good female friends though, at some point or another, most will end up acting out their insecurities on you, especially if you're nice and not manipulative.

But I'm sure there are good women out there. I've known one or two, so I hope you get to meet girls like these too Smile
How can people be so cavalier about the emotional bloodshed they are directly responsible for? Especially someone who encouraged friendliness and camaraderie? Does middle school ever end?
I remember the relief I felt graduating from HS. Naively believing that maturity would be embraced by all once we left the institution of torture. I was dismayed to find that adults were worse, due to the lack of culpability in the real world. I always adhered to my own set of rules - compassion, empathy, and tolerance. Which I guess was just inherent in me and not something every adult strives to embrace.
I would ask for an honest explanation - none of the pathetic justifications people tend to use to excuse their ugliness. I don't think, after her behavior in the past weekend, there is anything to salvage. I don't know how you operate, but I can be insanely persistent. And I don't have a problem being confrontational.
I will reiterate, though, there was nothing that you did caused or justified that treatment. Chin up - her actions are a direct reflection of the type of person she is - callous and unfeeling and have nothing to do with your value as a human being.
Just a simple point-check with the two girls you texted that they had their mobiles switched on that day, as I often switch mine off and end up answering texts too late for the answer to be of any use.
If their phones were on and they ignored you, then I agree with what people here are saying. You did nothing wrong and her behaviour was unjustifiable. Like the person above, I had thought when I left school that childishness and this sort of nastiness would be left behind in the playground, and was shcoked to find out that this was not so.
Wow that's horrible! I'd be pretty upset too about it. I have friends who call me at the last minute wanting to hang out but I tell them I'm busy cause I know deep down I'm just there B plan in case things went badly with some other friend. You deserve better friends for sure. Be strong when you get your money back. If your really upset about it still wait till your alone to cry. Don't give them the satisfaction.
Never lend money... either you invite them for something, or let them pay for themselves.

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