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made best friends ^^
Made best friends with a stray dog Big Grin
It's obvious he was born in a home, he was looking for a master. I met him when I was smoking outside of the club.

He followed me for 1 km, I went to a 24h and bought him 3 wieners, then he followed me all the way home even as I tried to chase him away and then I got some ham from home and fed him that. I made a couple of pictures with him but my phone was out of battery so it was from my friend's phone :/

The only thing I regret is that I couldn't bring him home Sad

It's such a small thing but it totally made my day. Big Grin
Awww. Wish you could've kept him. How sweet.
I'm glad it made your day. Smile
[Image: first-thing-you-need-know-about-Baby-Gro...-dance.gif]

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